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    Alias and (Sir Isaac) Newton

    After lots of flights (not only with my Alias but with my DR-1 and QR-1, too) I've found that having the trims set perfectly do not guarantee a motionless hover.

    For example, if I nudge a control and release it, the 'copter will continue to move in that direction. I believe this is due to Sir Isaac's First Law of Motion - An object in motion will continue to move in a straight line unless acted upon by an outside force.

    A steady drift is normal. An accelerating drift indicates that the trim(s) need adjustment.

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    Yeah, Netwon really has a habit of grounding my flight dreams.

    Building on your point, I think Sir Isaac Newton makes Easy mode hard for people. They accelerate the Alias at full Easy mode tilt but they need to spend as much time de-accelerating the Alias at that same tilt before they hit a wall (or their friendly flight instructor). The people that I've watched learn to fly Alias as their first quad could benefit from moving to fast mode sooner. (Or turning up the "rates" in Easy mode but that seems a lot of menu work for the same effect).

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    yeah..noticed something similar, after pulling out of a stunt the quad still wants to move forward, I alarmingly pulled back with some throttle off to stop it getting away from me.

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