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    Jato 3.3, No power?


    I finally after several years dusted off my Jato truck. I checked the batteries and put in some new ones and I noticed that the servos gets no power. Anyone that have faced the same problem? I cant even hear the servos turning on when i switch the ON button. Maybe the reciever is dead? Any suggestions? Its the 27mhz model. I tried to change the wire set up to the reciever sill no luck. I also know from the past that the antenna wire is ripped. But it worked anyway the last time i started the truck.

    Sorry for my bad english and Im thankful for any help!

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    Rebind the radio to the receiver, make sure that you have the batts in correctly in the truck. I have a bunch of those 27mhz receivers laying around. I could ship you one.

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