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    Electronics Questions

    I'm not a total electronics genius but I've been driving my Nitro Rustler lately and suddenly it totally loses control and I have to sprint over and turn it off... I have to admit Ive been lucky a few times cause it runs full speed out of control but then it gets connection again. It hasn't hit anything to do damage...YET.
    I'd really like to know what could cause this because I spend hours on this thing and lots of money modding it out and really don't want anything happening to it.
    The only details I have is that the the controller batteries are fine so I don't know what could cause this.
    Plz hit me bak

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    I had a receiver go bad that caused it to cut in and out randomly. I've never had one run away with me, but I have throttle return springs on everything and that helps a lot with runaways.

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    Is it a 2.4 radio or am? Start by checking transmitter and receiver batteries. If those are all still good, check your antenna. Make sure it is not cut anywhere,like coming out of the receiver box. On the 2.4 make sure the tip of the antenna did not get damaged. Any antenna damage can drastically reduce range. If all that is good, you could have a bad receive.
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