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    Start kit for beginner

    Hello everyone,

    I'm new to this whole rc community but i just won an auction of a new E-revo brushless (with 2x3s lipos and charger). If i know everything right this charger is very slow, so i might just get a charger that can charge several batteries at a time.

    However since this is new to me i could rly use some help to get everything i need to get started.

    What i need... i think.

    - Multiple lipo charger with power supply (to charge the including 3s lipos and 2s lipos)
    - 2s lipos with atleast 5000mah (for more control compared to 3s lipos)
    - All possible adapters/connectors i need for charging and using the lipos in e-revo
    - Anything else a beginner needs?

    I live in Sweden and prefer *********.com or similiar site.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I am currently using the Traxxas charger. Part number TRA2933. It works great for me and I like the brand continuity. I also use Traxxas Lipos. If you want quicker charge times you can get the dual charge adapters as well. TRA2918 for 3S and TRA2917 for 2S. These will allow you to charge two batteries at once safely, keeping everything balanced properly for battery longevity. Hope this helps.

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    Thanks alot for the reply.

    Are there any other adapters and such needed if i get other lipos, as far as i know all lipos doesnt have the same connector.

    And do you know of any site in europe, or any good shop in usa that ships to Sweden?. H o b b y k i n g has a good selection but not Traxxas parts.
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    i would get the icharger 206b and a proper power supply and would also get some spc 2s 8200 mah batts more run time

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