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    Voltage checker/ Charger accuracy

    Hey all, I recently purchased a Venom Pro 2 charger for the LiPo batteries that I run in my Stampede. I also just recently purchased this cell checker . I noticed the cell checker is about .2-.3 off voltage wise compared to the charger. For example the cell checker will read 3.7v and the charger will read 4.0v. Which would you say is the true reading? I would imagine the $70 charger vs the $9 cell checker? Just wanted opinions.

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    I have a cell checker and its off a little too. Different manufacturer. Basher here and I use a FLUKE multi meter to check total voltage when bashing and rely on charger for individual cell counts. No problems in a year so far.

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    You really need to contact the manufacturer of these products for support of their products. This forum is only for support of Traxxas products.
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