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    Question Replace new 4 motors and wont start normal

    I replaced new 4 motors, then I started to fly but when I push the throttle in a 10 it will start like in 100 and one motor will run only in full power and it will flip in one side. I hold the copter in my hand and start again to try the 4 motors if all are good and it works when I move the elevator control on all sides. but if in neutral position one rotor always stop. I already adjust the trim buttons to zero (0) but still same problem. Is anybody experienced this problem?

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    Not exactly sure I follow your post exactly but my guess is you have a motor in the wrong slot or have a prop on in the wrong position. Since some motors are counter clock wise and some are clock wise it is critical you get them in the correct position, same is true for the props.
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    +1^ somthing is bacwards

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