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Thread: tires.

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    I'm deciding what tires to get for my summit. i was going to get sand paws but i decided that i wanted something that was a little more scale. my requirements are that they have to be 2.2 size so i can get a stock set of rims(there cheep and will math the color of my truck),and I don't want the to be much taller than the stock ones. I was thinking of something like mudslingers or rc4wd rock crushers or maybe the traxxas bf goodrich mudterrains. I also want them to be good in snow and lose dirt.
    does any one have any ideas on what i should get.
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    I'm getting some Trenchers, I'm in mostly grass/concrete though... I have no where fun to drive unless we hit are place up in Kerrville!
    PM for info.....

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    I've been thinking of getting some RC4WD Rock Crushers too. Mostly an off-road tire, but I've heard good things from a couple of guys at the LHS.

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