Hi Guys,
Im up to rebuild my brand new ERBE and make it ready for 6S without a headache. If this ever is possible

The Parts I take out of the new one are donated to my veteran-erbe

So here are the conversions and upgrades I want to do

1. LOSI LST2 Diffs front and rear
2. MIP Driveshafts and Spline CVD Center (MIP #08138, #11101)
I guess Ill use the Stock output shafts at first (like Mitch316 did on his rebuild)
3. Traxxas sway bars front and rear
4. HPP Germany Motor Brace
5. HPP Germany Rear Axle Pushrod Brace
6. HPP Germany 17mm wheel hub
7. Single Servo with Hitec HS-7955TG
8. ST Racing Concepts CNC Machined Aluminum Single Steering Servo Saver Arm
9. Castle Creation Motor CC Blower Fan Shroud
10. ST Racing Concepts Heavy Duty Aluminum Steering Knuckles w/Larger Bearings
11. GH Racing Aluminum Pivot Ball Cap
12. Traxxas Aluminium Push Rods and Toe Links

So now the big Question: Is there anything missing

I did think about upgrading the Diffs with Losi Front/Rear Differential Ring & Pinion, Ti Nitride [LOSB3535] but Im not quite sure if this is necessary

As I dont know the Gearing I will use, I did not think about an upgrade for the Spur and pinion, although this might be a useful upgrade ??? - Which Brand to go for ?

Are there other upgrades recommended within the Gearbox ?

Is there a Servo horn in stock style made from Aluminium ?
Which one is the best one to use and what Servo Link ?

Please let me know what you think!
Helpful comments and experiences are welcome

Thanks Florian