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    Angry someone help please!!!!!!!!!

    hello people i have a classic t-maxx got it when my dad past away now im having problem with it. i replaced a few thing that needed to be fix and it ran good for a while until i wreaked it and fixed it again now my problem is it whines when i accelerate. i can take off ok just when i give it gas is when i have my problem can y'all help me?

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    Gear mesh may be to tight, check tolerance between bell and spur gear you should be fine
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    The most common cause is a loose slipper clutch setting. Tighten your slipper clutch a bit and see if that helps.
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    +1 The whinning is usually a sign f the mesh being too tight....

    If that's not the case I'd suspect a CB bearing, but 99% of the time, too tight a mesh.....

    I first used the paper method to set my mesh, but once I figured out I got the mesh right with the paper trick, I then felt by hand by holding the CB still with one finger on one hand and then trying to move the spur back and forth... There's just a tiny, wee bit, of play,,, just a tick.... Once I got that down mty mesh was never an issue...

    Too tight a mesh can put pre-load on your tranny and bearings...
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