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Thread: Thinking ahead.

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    Thinking ahead.

    I just bought by first RC car tonight. I bought a Slash Greg Adler Edition. I am looking for easy inexpensive upgrades and also what parts, if any should I stock up on for breakdowns?

    I also was looking for any information about lipo batteries and their effectiveness.

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    Everybody tends to have problems related to their driving styles and experience level. I wouldn't worry about to many upgrades until you figure out exactly what specific problems your going to have. Then you can come back here to find the best options for the problem your having. The only thing I would get right off would be an infrared temp gun, it will help you keep your electronics for as long as possible. And maybe a few extra spur gears because they tend to be the weakest link for people new to the hobby.

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    First off, is this a Nitro Slash or electric? You've posted in the Nitro section but mention LiPo batteries, which we do not suggest being used on Nitro Slash in any capacity.

    For either vehicle I would suggest some extra suspension arms, spur gears, body clips and some extra glow plugs for the nitro.

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