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    Question Link app help needed

    I have a traxxas erevo VXL, my old motor and esc died and I replaced
    It with a castle element 3900kv motor and 100A esc. I am also using the traxxas
    App with the telemetry installed In the car, What do I do if I cannot find the particular motor and
    Esc in the motor and esc list in model setup?? Are these esc and motor combos downloadable or can It be added to the list manually?? If not what do I set as the motor and esc if I am continuing to use this combo?
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    I have a p2de with the castle sv3/3800, becUse that isn't on the list I used the vxl system. It is the closest thing

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    That data is only needed for estimated speed calculations. It does not affect voltage or temperature telemetry.

    Calculating speed based on RPM telemetry is not accurate due to all sorts of factors, including artificially elevated speeds when slipper is loose allowing motor to really rev to high rpms. The speed display is mostly for show. If you want truly measure speed, put a GPS in (i use my iphone well padded but would be cheaper to use a small gps like a garmin fortrex 301 or 401).

    Selection of tires and motors is limited. More importantly, calculating the final drive ratio is just as important but cryptic.

    Final Drive ratio = gear ratio x transmission ratio
    gear ratio = spur / pinion
    transmission ratio = differential gear / input gear,d.aWM

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