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    How bad is the LCG in grass?

    Do tires help?

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    Yes, tires will help. The LCG is fine in grass. The chassis just slides over the grass.
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    bigger tires will help. with the stock sized ones i got stuck a few times where my other truck wouldnt have I am sure if you keep moving itll be fine stop and going is a little different story. Its cold out and ill say the grass has less traction then in the summer so it might just be a situational thing for me I still think the LCG is the better funner truck at this point. rolling over stinks. Takes the fun out when you have to keep running over to flip it we call it "the walk of shame" lol

    Ohh i also have my truck shocks set position is pretty far down and I could raise it up some more. The way i have it set up though you really have to try and not know how to drive to flip it in the street.
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