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    Issues with revo unresolved for a year. In need of drastic help. (spektrum/savox/pow

    So I bought a revo 3.3 and basically remodeled the whole shabang. I picked up the vantage racing pipe, chassis which is carbon fiber, I got RPM A-ARms, savox SC-1256T for steering, savox sc-1258tg for throttle, SR3300T receiver (spektrum), The ds3x radio, 1600 nimh ofna for the battery, stock traxxas waterproof shift servo 2065. I have a brand new 3.3 engine as well.

    My issue has been that the servos,radio,receiver are all not working right. The spektrum receiver will blink red when I turn left or right/ throttle. It will flash red and yellow. The wheels wont turn much if at all and the throttle wont work much if at all. If it does it jumps and then stops. The servos sound like binding is occurring but I have repositioned them.

    The servos out of the body just testing do similar things. They aren't smooth or work right. The are jumpy and slow. The battery warning on the radio goes off every time a turn or a push of the throttle. I have a capacitor in the receiver and that didn't help. I tried using the old servos and they didn't seem as bad but they didn't even have enough power to turn the wheels or throttle because the throttle return spring was too strong for it to pull.

    I am not sure what to do as I've searched the internet on these issues and the only close thing I find is that savox and spektrum has issues but it said they are fixed usually by a capacitor. I need some major help to get this eager rc guy back outside and playing with his toy. I sincerely thank you in advanced for any help.

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    This tread will get closed because your only allowed to get traxxas support but it sounds like a radio issue. Try a different transmitter and receiver.
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    Maybe the battery is bad?

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    Make sure you have a full charge; beyond that you'll need to contact the manufacturer of those products.
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