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    My experience with the alias

    Received my Alias about two weeks ago, of course, the weather has been dreadful, limiting my flying time. I have managed to get airborne on 4 occasions now,have run 8 batteries through her, the performance has been outstanding!! Speaking as a novice/newbie to RC, the Alias is a great trainer/confidence builder, the 6 axis gyro keeps her stable while the newbie learns how to coordinate turns, etc. I reduced the aileron/elevator rate to 30%, which allows the newbie adequate control without over controlling, also provides enough control rate for light wind maneuvering. I fly it right to the LV alarm and then land as quickly as possible, resulting in post flight voltages ranging from 3.55 to 3.65 volts, depending on how quick I can land and shut off after the alarm. I have learned that approx. 15 mins on fast charge will put the lipo's right about where you want them for storage voltage of 3.8 volts. NUFF said for now, I love the little quad!!

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    Glad to hear you like it. I too am addicted. Can't get enough of this thing. If I ever saw someone flying one of these things and I didn't already have two, I would ask what it was and get one immediatly!

    I'm flying around the stadium lights at the soccer field like pylons now. Its soo much fun.

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