I had my first motor failure and being impatient, I went to the LHS and bought a set of four. When I got home, I started the replacement, but when I looked at the motors, I noticed they had no connectors and no pinion gears! When I called Traxxas and spoke to Lloyd, he asked me to take a picture and send it to him. It seems that there might be some counterfeits and he wanted to make sure. After I sent him the picture, we discovered that the LHS sold me the motors for the Traxxas QR-1. Since I Also have a QR-1, I decided to hold onto them for future possible issues, and Lloyd sent me a set of the correct motors. To be safe, I replaced all 4 motors, fired everything up, then reset the accelerometers, fired up the motors, and everything worked as new!

I owe many thanks to Lloyd and the Traxxas team for their prompt response. We all need to give credit when credit is due!