I am completely disillusioned with my new Alias. I looked forward to a great new quadcopter with the excellent Traxxas product quality and support I have enjoyed with my 1/16 E-Revo VXL and Rustler VXL. My Alias flew great on the first day, but it became very erratic on the second day. I learned how to recalibrate the accelerometer at the Website, but that only helped a little bit and then one of my motors failed completely the afternoon of the second day!

The next day I called Traxxas and they said they would "shoot me out" a new motor right away. That was on Dec. 27 and it is now three weeks later - with no new motor and no use of my Alias since the second day I used it!!!

I have called and emailed Traxxas support repeatedly. They said the erratic flight on the morning of the second day was probably caused by the motor getting ready to fail. They also said their tech was wrong to say he would "shoot me out a new motor" on Dec. 27, since at that time they did not have any new motors available. Last week they said they have now received new motors and they would send me one "as soon as they get through quality control". I have still not received any word that a new motor has been shipped to me and I have had no use of my Alias for three weeks. My Alias' serial number is L02006540.

As even worse news, Traxxas told me in an email there is no warranty on the motors. I guess they are replacing motors at this point because they recognize failure after just a few flights is a serious problem that reflects poor product component selection or a bad batch of motors. In any event, they have signaled me it is possible that at some point they may not even replace motors that fail after just a few flights!

From what I read on the internet I cannot tell if LaTrax/Traxxas simply had a bad batch of motors at the beginning of the Alias' release or if the need to replace motors very frequently will be a permanent, and very expensive, feature of this potentially excellent new quadcopter.

Spending $40 plus shipping every few months to replace the motors on my $150 Alias would be simply unacceptable. I fear I may have wasted my money on this Traxxas product and I am very concerned that the excellent product quality and service I have experienced with their electric cars and trucks may not be continued with the Alias.