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    Cool Getting the 2WD race ready...

    Hey guys, I have owned the slash for about a month now (not my first RC though) and am wanting to start racing it.
    Myself and a friend went to our local raceway yesterday to watch some RC racing. Needless to say, I want to do it. Here is a pic of the track..

    This is Hotshots Rc in Atlanta, GA. Some of you may know of it. The track is 60x40.
    Everyone was running a losi sc10. I thought about buying one and starting with that but I believe the slash has potential. The straight is about 50 feet. Most of the truck were literally on two wheels the entire straight. Turn 4 seems to be the toughest. This track is tight

    I need some input on motor choice and suspension. I currently have the brushed version but will be going brushless. I see alot of slash owners going the castle SCT 3800 route.

    Suspension wise, whats a good setup? 50/60wt oils? losi springs? New shock/spring combos all together?
    Im thinking of running these.. I see alot of people running the traxxas big bore shocks, these are the same price with more tuning.

    Here is what I have done so far.
    RPM front/rear A arms
    RPM front/rear hub carriers
    RPM front bumper
    Velco batt strap (just for weight)
    Flysky FS-GT3C (my truck didnt come with the TQI)

    Here is what I plan on getting (unless you guys have better options)
    g-made piggyback shocks (or some other suggested shock/spring combo)
    ***LCG Chassis*** not sure which one though..
    Tires along the lines of AKA Handlebars or Rebars ( I would prefer a less exspensive tire, this is just what the top placing racers were using)
    Castle SCT sidewinder 3800
    2s 45c 5000mah lipos
    Aluminum C-blocks
    Camber/Toe gauge
    Raptor body, all black with Makita logos- Everyone was running losi, not only will I be driving a slash which is different from everyone else but the raptor body will for sure stand out!

    Anything else????

    I understand that there is no perfect setup, just want to see what you experienced drivers recommend.
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