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Thread: Trail Slash 4x4

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    Trail Slash 4x4

    So I know my slash will never be a crawler but after seeing chimera and all your guys builds I am pretty sure I can make it a capable trail vehicle. Here is what I've done so far.

    Trenchers 2.8
    Tekno rc shaft and cvds
    Techno rc hubs and carriers
    Rpm a arms
    9t pinion
    More waterproofing
    Avid rubber bearings
    2s lipo
    Body lift
    New body under construction

    I ran the 9th today for the first time and it makes a huge difference, more throttle control and still enough wheel speed. Did good in the snow versus yesterday with the 13t. I'm running 40wt oil so maybe change that around and the springs too? What about the diffs and their grease/fluid. They are packed with marine grease now.

    Any thoughts or opinions to make it more trail ready is appreciated.

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    This sounds pretty cool. I have a slash 2wd and I just locked my diff with some epoxy, now it's awesome! I love it, again! Lol
    But yes I would defiantly lock the diffs, so if one wheel is up in the air the other would still spin and get you unstuck.

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    You can set it up like a Telly, but with thicker fluid in the diffs, 250k - 500k wt should do. Raising the body really will not do much for you, other than raising your CG more than it will be, you want to raise the suspension as much as possible.

    Also what will help is a stronger steering servo a higher-turn brushed motor, or a sensored brushless motor.

    You'll likely get better feedback by posting this on the Slash 4x4 forum.
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