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    Finally bought a Rally (and drove 2 hours to get it)

    I've been reading about and looking at the Rally for a few weeks now and finally decided today was the day..

    Went to my LHS where I see them on the shelf everytime I've been there and today I go to pick one up and they have NONE!

    This place is wierd... Its huge with lots of inventory but they never seem to have what I want when I want it..

    They asked me if I would like to order one... Pfffffttttt! If I wanted to order one I'd use Amazon Prime and have it in 2 days at my door with no driving.. If I've gone to the store to get something, its either in stock or bust.. I don't "order" items from local stores.. If they want my business they need stock!

    So not to be discouraged I started working the phones-- I'm an impulse buyer and if I wait till tomorrow I might not want it anymore. Found one in Red 45 miles away.. Giddy-yap!

    Got there picked it out in Red. Now I need a lipo..
    We open the box and take out the car to find one that fits. I said 2s.

    I assume this guy knows what he's doing.. He finds one that fits I asked him how much he says $25 I say I'll take it. He rings everything up puts it in the bag- oh and I also asked him to get me the converter to switch from Tamiya to Traxxas.

    I get home and open everything up, and immediately noticed that the connector is the wrong gender. It's exactly the opposite of what I need.

    I start looking to see if I have any other adapters that will work or if I'm going to be cutting wires and soldering..

    I actually find a connector that will work, and then about to charge the battery and I noticed the battery says 11.1 Volts! This guy sold me a 3S Lipo instead of a 2S Lipo.

    So now what do I do I have a $25 battery thats not going to work and I don't need it for anything else- yet I'm going to spend $20 in gas just return it lol. Thank God I noticed it was a 3S and didn't try it, I might have fried my speed controller/motor.

    I know it's my fault because I should've looked more carefully - but at the same time I feel like this is the kind of thing that I pay extra at a local store instead of buying online for. I expect the sales people to be somewhat knowledgeable and to help guide my purchase.

    I did charge the stock battery and try it out, and I can't believe how low this thing is, catches every single little bump in my driveway but it's real fun to drive.

    I found that it was hard to control at high speed without steering expo so I got my TQI transmitter to work with it. Awesome!

    I used to work at an ice-skating rink, this thing would probably be awesome on the ice..

    The Alias got me back into RC. I have only ever had 1 real rc before this and that was a Tamiya Falcon when I was 14. Long time ago.

    Anyway since my first Alias-- I have now bought from Traxxas the following:

    3 LaTrax Aliases. (the second to replace the first one I lost over the FL everglades somewhere lol and the third as a backup)

    Traxxas Slash Raptor

    Velineon Brushless Power System for Slash

    LCG kit for Slash

    Upgraded TQI transmitter with iphone dock

    And now an LaTrax Rally

    Lol my gf hates all this stuff..
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    Wow! Glad you got there in the end! I can't wait to get one, although I don't have anywhere really smooth to drive it. Should still be fun :-)

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    get a chassis brace for your rally asap

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    I would recommend this. There is a previous thread on a couple different ways to mount the battery in the battery holder. Maybe you can call the LHS and just mail the old battery back and get a refund that way. I have not had any heat problems with running the lipos, but I run on concrete and asphalt. I think if you ran it hard in carpet you might have a heat issue. Keep an eye on it. You will really like the lipo, car is half again faster than stock.
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