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    How to connect APM 2.5, ESC with external UBEC

    Please take note that several brand names that were previously allowed have now been blocked by our language filter. These are brands that come from the banned website based out of Hong Kong. Discussing these products will no longer be allowed on the Traxxas forum and will be treated just like mention of the website they come from has been for some time now. We appreciate your cooperation on this in future posts. This prohibition includes not only links and references, but graphic representations as well.

    The retailer you inquired about or referenced is banned because Traxxas claims they have pirated Traxxas product designs. Traxxas therefore will not allow any mention, photo, link, or any other reference of that site or its products on the forum that Traxxas pays for.

    In addition, you are asking for support of a third-party product. That is not permitted on the Traxxas forum. For rules governing this, please see Guidelines for discussing aftermarket parts.

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