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    Traxxas Blue Anodized Heat sink vs. Fan cooled Heat sink?

    What is better to have on the kb vxl motor? 1. Traxxas blue anodized heat sink or/ 2. An aftermarket heat sink with fan?

    All the gearing is stock from the factory. But I drive it full speed. The motor and esc gets hot quicky. What would be all the options for keeping the motor and esc cool on hot summer days and for bashing around.

    Would there be a little bit longer run times with the fan cooled heat sink or/ the traxxas blue anodized non fan cooled?

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    I would recommend gearing down. The heatsink will reduce external temps but the inside of the motor will still get just as hot as if you didnt have it.

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    This will TOTALLY work, saw a guy on YouTube do it

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    Fan would cool it quicker but the best thing you can do it get a better esc....
    Btw have you used a infrared temp checker? I thought my motor was running hot in one of mine so I got one and checked it and it was 140f so it was actually good!

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