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    Fiesta brushed on carpet

    Anyone try racing one on an indoor carpet track?

    I race regualrly at a local track and now my young son wants to have a car to drive during setup or practice times......since there are really no affordable 1/10 sedan options that would be durable....I started looking at a Fiesta.

    I am thinking about installing a slower brushed motor and or trying the training mode, I really dont want it to be fast, slower the better for a while.

    I am not expecting, nor wanting an higly competetive carpet racer.....but I would like it to be driveable and durable.......But I am concerned about the center of gravity being too high along with the offroad based suspension........will this little guy just be a traction rolling mess on carpet?

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    All of the 16ths are really not off-road RC's in my opinion... they are way too close to the ground.

    I have read a few threads where they make really decent carpet racers... gearing down with the stock motor and using the 50% training mode, even for the VXL, would probably slow him down enough. The good thing about the bigger bodied RC's is that the body takes most of the energy out of an impact leaving the mechanics in good shape.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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    Trying mine tomorrow night.
    Set up
    -springs 3.2 rated no preload.
    -ride height low as possible.
    -shocks/oil stock mustang boss 302
    -esc Sidewinder 3(drag brake 10%, punch defualt, lvc 3.3 percell, timing 0)
    -VXL motor on 2 2s lipos in parrael
    -wheels/tire scuffs (look like rtr ae tc3)
    -gearing 25/45
    -servo HS85-MG
    -SXT3.0 traction compund
    And using a DX3C transmitter.

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