I got into RC when I was a lot younger. Coming from a super strict family though, as well as not having the money for it since my parents took all our money and invested it in our college savings (REALLY GOOD CHOICE I HATED IT AT THE TIME BUT IT HAS PAID DIVIDENDS!!!) could never afford fixing the cars. Fast forward almost fifteen years and my GF got me a stampede for christmas. Awesome decision totally got back into the hobby and pulled my old cars out, the past month has been a non stop blast. Recently though well on Wednesday one of these guys I DJ with kept telling me for the past few weeks he had a present for me. Turns out it was one of the original RTR Nitro Rustlers, in immaculate condition, as in Never really been run before except one tank of fuel. He didn't feel like taking the time to break in the engine so he just shelved it. I finished breaking in the engine last night and that car is super sweet. It needs some upgrades so this thread is my introduction and will also be my build thread. Feel free to make suggestions as I go along. The first set of pictures though are just getting it cleaned up and ready to go.

The Family

The Truck

Doesn't look to bad (this is honestly only my second nitro car, the first didn't go to well)

removed for cleaning

Nitro cleaner, an hour and a quarter turn was all it took, a little extra cleaning and it was shiny, still felt factory tight.