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    La trax alias mini

    When I bought it I thought I was getting the bigger version my fault for not investigating the buyer further on amazon. Actually, I'm glad I didn't buy the bigger version as I m finding the learning curve pretty steep as I'm a total newbie . I m really impressed with how tough this little thing is I do all my flying inside my 12x12 living room and this thing has taken some hard hits. Hardest part is trying to find the props once they fly off sometimes .lol
    I tried flying in expert mode and I find this mode easier than the normal one even though I'm far from an
    I'm hoping that by becoming better I can move onto helicopters but I find that the setup and radio prep work intimidating not too mention the cost if you bust her up.
    So I think I may just move up too another bigger quad copter as my skills get a lot better maybe the big brother alas will be next.
    I'm so impressed with how well this little fella works so well I can just imagine what it's like flying the big guy.
    Any tips on setup and flying always welcomed.

    Cheers folks.

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    Big and little version? I am assuming you got a QR-1 not an Alias so I am moving this thread to the QR-1 forum.
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    Sorry thanks yeah I wAs in the wrong form.

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