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    stock slipper/stampede slipper help

    im running the stock spur/pinion setup with the new brushless castle sct system and it hauls ***..
    what would b the benefit of running the stampede slipper?
    and what pinion would i run to stay about what im ruunning now with the stock setup

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    After running that same motor in my telluride for a day on only 2s with the stock "high stall clutch" as they call it, I would say the stampede slipper has more holding power. I ran my truck for about 40 minutes and then the stock clutch started slipping badly, I had to remove it and tighten it all the way down so it would stop slipping. I dont know if I just got it wet or it got warm but it would no longer hold. Not sure what pinion to recommend but I'm using a 13t pinion and it seems fine so far, a bit faster than stock, probably not as torquey. No problem pulling the front wheels off the ground.

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