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    Kershaw Designs 650s motor on emaxx #3903

    I recently purchased 2 650s motors from Kershaw Designs. I have a question. I have 2 5000mah battery pack its a 7 cell stick. These two batteries should give me 16.8 volts of power. I want to know what the voltage is on each motor or how much it can take? I plan on using both batteries for my emaxx #3903. But I want to know if it is better to put one motor on or two. Do I get more torque this way or not or is it the same. . What is better one or two motors, I haven't tested the motors yet on the emaxx I am waiting on some tires.

    Also I have a 17/68 pinion gear set up. It really was just factory. Is this good for the emaxx? All I want is more torque for wheelies and suggestions? I don't care for speed as much. Please tell me if they are better set ups for gearing and pinions.

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    I'm not sure which is better with the one or two motors, but the amp draw will be less with one motor. I do believe you might get slightly better runtimes with one motor, but at a loss of torque. Your batteries should be up to the task. 5000mAH would be the lower limit I would suggest for that size motor with NiMH. Or else, your cells might die prematurely from heat damage. You're on the right track by gearing it kind of low at first (stock 17t pinion) if you want torque and wheelies. If you decide you want more speed, you can experiment with larger pinions/smaller spurs and monitor the temps of your batts, esc, and motor to find a temp range that you are comfortable with.
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    You will have to run both 650 motors i believe. One single 650 would not be sufficient. Only single brushed motor id use would be a titan 775, or the dewalt set up for a 3903.
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    I am running the Titan 775 and like it alot. Gearing is 68/20 and it has great top speed and will wheelie hard from a dead stop. I used the Kershaw 700 motor adapter. I had to mod the adapter a bit to make it work, ran longer machine screws through from the backside with a spot of JB Weld on the threads and then I used nuts/washers on the outside to secure it, this is a much more solid mount.

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