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    First QR 1 outside flight

    I ve been nervous about taking it outside with all the info on such poor performance but I was happily surprised . I now always run on expert even though I'm no expert but I find it a lot easier too control.
    Okay, once outside the qr performed flawless sure you have to trim it a lot for indoor flight but no worries outside with all the room. I was performing loops like nothing it had no problem with a bit of wind but if you try to fly it at night it's hard to see with the LEDs in the front. I just stood under my garage light and there was no problems.
    Overall after running ahh maybe 50 plus packs through it, yeah I'm hooked bad, this things is still running amazing after some ugly crashes.
    My next jump has me even more excited now and a lot more confident to move onto something bigger.
    I just can't decide to jump to the alas or go co axel heli. I hope to someday fly a 450 align that is my ultimate goal.
    Cheers fellas.

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    Sounds like you have really been enjoying yours lol. First time I went outside I was on beginner and quickly realized that putting it into expert makes for much easier flying. Even when there is relativity no wind. Glad to see someone else is still enjoying the QR-1. Keep up the progress and let us know how it keeps going.

    And welcome to the forums!

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    I always liked the way the QR-1 flew.

    I think you would be disappointed if you picked up a coaxial heli, compared to the QR-1 they dont tend to perform very well at all.
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