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    Gas monster trucks...

    I would bet some money you are already working on one.

    But if your not please do. I am very interested in them and will be buying one, Id rather it be Traxxas than any alternative.
    Traxxas please sell kits!

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    Alright, me too. I love nitro, but gas would be so cool. And besides, I swear I'm just cursed with bad glow plugs...
    Is owning 27 RC's too many? No way!

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    A Gasoline Revo would be awesome.
    I need R/Cers anonymous.

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    1/6th Scale Gas Buggy "Monster Buggy" was the only gasoline R/C we had. We find out about products the same day you guys do, so if we come out with it you guys will see it the same day.

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    I would think the interest in a vehicle like that would be too small. It would have to come with a steep price tag, which would also deter people from buying it methinks. There has to be a reason the monster buggy didn't continue. It sure would be cool, but I don't know if I can see it happening.
    460, straightpipes, buried throttle, nuff said :D

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