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    Engine upgrade tips needed. 3.3

    I have a revo 3.3 and am wanting to up the power and speed on my 3.3 without spending $250 for os .28 or somethin fancy like that. I have heard the Losi 3.4 carburetor is one possible upgrade. Tell me what upgrades you've done, moddings and how those performed. Thanks
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    The Losi carb is good. You could search for Nitronaught's and my threads about modifying the engine (or doing an online search--that's where I got my resource). People run a THS pipe. But that power is not good if you cannot put it to the ground so you could consider a different clutch.
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    There's plenty to be done to get a 3.3 to crank out some good power.

    1. Upgade your wheel, transmission, Diff and CB bearings to Avid Revolutions series (don't bother using ceramics there just use the Revolutions series)... Just doing that you are going to see your TMAXX will get up to top RPM much quicker.

    2. Use a good air filter, I prefer the Mugen 1/8th buggy filter, good fit, great flow.

    3. Exhaust. I've done a lot of playing around with exhausts... My happiest is finding an old MIP header that was for the 2.5 (note they sold the same header for the OS 18.TM but with a different part number. I combined the long tube header with a single chambered Traxxas Blue Tuned pipe... Combined with the air intake I could only say WOW.... Great torque!!!

    4. Engine rebuild, used Avid Ceramics, polished the crank, especially the hollow area where the fuel flows and some cutting and shaping of the area of the crank that scoops up the fuel, placing fangs on the schnorkel ports and opening up the intake port as well as bullet edging the base of the sleeve...

    5. Drop the EZ start ang go pull start, just getting rid of that motor and the wiring and it's assemble cuts 6 OZ's of weight... That's a very serious diet for this scale of vehicle. Also allows more air flow to the engine.

    6. 4 shock setup, drops weight and increases suspension response but can be tricky to get tuned...

    Add all that up, proper gearing for your application and you will have a very aggressive 3.3.. Ive had to be bumped up to racing my TMAXX against 1/8th scaled buggies, all BB's and Bump start motors.... I placed 5th in the A-main once so held my own against those monsters..

    Yes a 3.3 set up right can give some serious performance... But then when you look at all I've put into it, just add up the $$ and you will see, you will spend $$$ to get top performance out of the 3.3... Then again a BB and the $$ to get it realiable on the TMAXX you spend about the same... Center CVD's to hold the power, exhaust, air filter, chssis extension or special motor mount, possible need for metal internal tranny gears...

    ME I had to use SB motor to race in MT class... My TMAXX with a 3.3 was/is no slouch... Made 15th in a State race once. That was out of over 50 entries... It could have probably done better if there was a better driver...
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