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    New wheels slightly larger what size pinion should i go with?

    Stripped another hex so Im going 17mm
    I got the revolver wheels and decided on imex Baja wide 2.8 tires, they are slightly bigger than my trenchers so I want to go down in my pinion gear just not sure what size to go, im stock now
    I was thinking to drop to a 10t pinion any suggestions?

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    Run it as is and see what your temps are. You might not even notice the loss of acceleration.
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    I second zepher's suggestion. Stock gearing is usually a fairly safe gearing. I would just see how it goes. The small difference in height will make a different but not much at all. Weight is going to rele be the deciding factor.

    Just my 2 cents

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    If you run 3s I would gear down just to get some acceleration back dude but that's just me....peace
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