Finally, I managed to find a way to flash 'genuine' Castle firmware to Traxxas and other re-branded versions of castle controllers. The decryption of the SQLite file is not necessary, it is actually possible with an older version of the Castle Link software which still uses an MS Access database.

Currently, it should work with the following controllers:

- Traxxas Mamba Monster Extreme Firmware V1.34 (XO-1)
- HPI Blur Firmware V1.24 (re-badged Mamba Monster, HPI Savage)
- Traxxas ET-3S Firmware V1.32 (probably re-badged Mamba Max Pro, Traxxas Funny Car)

So far I have flashed two Traxxas Mamba Monster Extreme controllers and one HPI Blur to Castle Mamba Monster Firmware V1.46 without problems.

Please somebody try it with the ET-3S (should be a 6S capable MMP then).
I think it should be possible to flash other Castle-based controllers also.


Things you need:

1. Castle Link Software V3.40.0 from Castle:

1. Latest Castle Link Software (3.56.17 as of now) from Castle:

2. Modifed settings.mdb file:


1. If you have a Traxxas controller, make sure that Live Link is disabled
and that it's 100mph unlocked (XO-1 version)

2. De-install any previously installed Castle Link Software

3. Install Castle Link Software V3.40.0

4. Replace settings.mdb file with modified settings.mdb file
Usually located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Castle Creations\Castle Link

4. Start Castle Link software
You should only see the about and the Software Tab.
Do not use any function other than firmware update!

5. Go to Software Tab and flash any firmware you like.

6. Exit Castle Link Software

7. De-Install Castle Link Software

8. Make sure that "C:\Program Files (x86)\Castle Creations\Castle Link folder" is empty

9. Install latest Castle Link Software

10. Flash latest firmware

Now you have a genuine Castle controller with the latest available firmware on it!