ok so where i work recently became a dealer with traxxas. we got our first shipment in and i brought home a new QR-1.
well, at first i was having trouble connecting. no big deal. messed with turning it on/off for a sec and it was fine.
then, the props didnt work right. the rear two spun much faster than the front ones and would not come off ground. again, toyed with resetting some stuff. problem somewhat solved..
so finally i actually got it off the ground about 2 ft.. not being very good with the controls, it came down to the floor. no problem, ill just try again.
well now when i went to plug the battery in to reconnect(which i had to do every time it crashed), im getting no power to the hele at all. so i thought maybe i just had a bad battery. well i charged my other battery, plugged it in, still no power.
i already got an RMA to send in for warranty, but im just curious if anyone else has ever had this much trouble straight out of the box with one of these things?
pretty frustrating..