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Thread: Sloppy Steering

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    Sloppy Steering

    My servo does not return to center after a turn left or right.

    This gets quite annoying when trying to do speed runs and quick accelerations when you have to fight the steering the whole time.

    Any suggestions on what can be done to fix this?

    And does the servo have the be a certain way in the car because after I dyed the chassis and such, I swapped the side the servo is on, not sure if it makes a change to the car or not.

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    Did u remove the servo horn when you removed the servo? And is the steering binding or simply turning one way?

    Just my 2 cents

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    Check the servo itself or check the servo saver

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    Most likely suspect is the servo saver but it can be any component in the steering linkage worn out or getting sloppy. You just have to inspect the steering system piece by piece and find what is worn out.
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