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    Racing a Rustler VXL

    Hey guys looking to race a Rustler and have a few questions.
    1. What needs to be done in preparation? I currently have the diff spooled but should the gears be put back in?
    2. What class will it fall under? Stadium Truck, Truggy or 2wd Buggy?
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    The class is really up to the people that run the track. The best thing you can do is ask the race director what class your truck will fit into, and what mods, ESC/Motor combo, and battery you are allowed to have.

    Yes, you will want a diff for racing. You can use the stock diff, but I recommend looking at some of the bearing diff options out there, they are a lot more tuneable and better for racing.

    If you are going against trucks like the B4 or T4, you REALLY need to find a way to put your chassis on a diet. Your Rusty can likely beat them in a drag race, but on a track, they are a lot more nimble. If you have prgressive springs, get rid of them. You'll what to run Losi XXX springs, 2.5" greens on the front and 3" blues on the back (need to double check the lengths, but I am sure about the colors).

    Tires... Ask what the tire of choice is for your track.

    Lastly, no amount of tweaking and geeking on your truck can prepare you for a race like practicing.
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    rustler is a stadium truck and vxl is a mod class motor stock is 17.5 bl
    Make sure you have the right tires for track , for sure put in gear diff. Shock oil and springs will help (this will take some time to get set up) . Be prepared to not win . practice practice practice . Hold your line fast people will drive around you . Most important is to have fun. The guys that win races prob would still win if they drove a rustler its like 75% driver 20% set up 5% truck.
    As much as i love my rustler my factory team rc10t4 will drive circles around the rustler but t4 is so fragile. So you prob wont come in last that honor will go to a broken truck. LOL.

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    In all honesty, racing a rustler takes a lot of dough before you really can have fun. Imo, fun at the track = being able to get around the track at a fairly decent pace, unless you really don't care about performance. If you don't want to spend the money up front, that's cool, but if you start visiting your local track frequently, the money will eventually be spent lol.

    1. You need to do a few mods before hitting the track. First, do the slash rear arm mod. You also need the slash rear camber links too. This adds rear toe in. This mod is essential for a number of reasons. First, rear toe in is a necessity. Second, all of your track tires come in a size to fit 2.2 inch wheels and 2.2 inch wheels are not available in front and rear offsets like how a stock rustler is setup. So the slash rear arm mod allows you to run the same offset all the way around the truck.

    The second mod that's necessary is a new set of wheels and tires.

    Yes, you need a working diff to run at the track.

    All of the shock springs, shock oils, shock placements, camber link positions and all of the other mods can come later. (Pay as you go )

    2. Typically, the rustler fits into the stadium truck category, but if your track has a novice class - that's usually a run what ya brung class until you decide which class you like most and decide to buy the appropriate rc for the class.

    Just curious, have you been to the track yet? I just got back from going earlier today. It was an open practice session and it was a blast running with 1/8 buggies, sct's 4wd and 2wd, and a few other stadium trucks. Plus, I got to catch up with some of my buddies I met along the way - shoot the breeze ya know

    One more'll need an esc with some programming. Just about everybody with a 2wd uses something called drag brake. It helps the truck turn without having to actually use the trigger to brake. Using the trigger to brake while turning will almost always result in a spin out.

    Keep us posted on the progress.

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    Races like a champ.

    Here's my racing Rustler:

    I love to beat the T4.2 FT's and the 22t's. Don't let the other drivers discourage you!
    And there he goes with the carbon...

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