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    Looking for ideas for pinion configurations

    Hey guys,

    I'm in the process of rebuilding my merv but I realized that I have no idea what gear or pinion or wtv to use, I have them all.

    I'm running the stock brushless motor + mmp w/ dirt hawg wheels

    Any ideas what I could use?


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    What is wtv?

    The best way to start is with the gearing you have and go from there based on temps of the motor and ESC.

    Stock is 50/28.
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    If you need a temp gun here's a cheap one.

    I just picked one up today, I wasn't expecting anything amazing or accurate, but it has impressed me. I'm sure there are others that are tons better, but for $12 it's plenty good for me.
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    It really depends on what your doing with it, what terrain you're driving on, what the outside temps are, etc...

    I can get away with running 26/45 with 2 and 3s, but I've mainly been cruising around in parking lots and on smooth pavement, and it's been cold outside so my motor rarely gets above 80.

    If it's warmer and you're bashing on dirt or gravel and doing jumps you'll probably not want to gear higher than 23/50.
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