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    Smile Picked Up A New Pede...Help This Old Supermaxx User Get Back In The Game!

    Hey everyone, it's been almost 6 years since I've been in the game when it comes to Traxxas products. My last project was a Supermaxx...

    My son just turned 5 and I picked up a new the rush to get something cool I was unaware of the differences between the XL-5 and VXL, so I ended up with a XL-5. It's for the two of us so I'm not overly worried about losing out on the bonus features of the VXL but needless to say I'm a little bummed. Either way I'm curious what some must haves are for a XL-5 that will help the general durability of a 5 year old bashing on it haha

    Cheers, and thanks in advance!

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    Welcome back to the forum dude with the brushed pede just keep an eye on temps and enjoy and when you both are ready to move to brushless do so because it's a excellent platform....peace
    Famous last this!!!!

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