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    Ideal motor temps>

    What is the ideal range for the brushless motor?
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    Do not exceed 70 celsius and your motor will have very long and happy life.

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    A temp gun is kind of a must have.....
    Hot motor + cool esc = under geared.
    Cool motor + hot esc = over geared
    Everything warm just right..

    Motor ~ 180/190*F (82/88*C) maximum, ideally 140/160*F (60/71*C), temps can be 10*F higher inside the motor
    ESC ~ pretty much same temps / Fan comes on @ 150*F (65*C)
    The new MM2 fan runs non stop, also should be taken off when driving in wet conditions.
    Lipo's ~ 140*F (60*C) max, ideally 100/120*F (38/49*C).........
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    Room temperature, LOL

    Quote Originally Posted by vwdaveb View Post
    What is the ideal range for the brushless motor?

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