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    Battery is very confusing!!!

    Hi, I have 2 power cell 5000 MAH 8.4 volt batteries that i just received from my old house, they haven't been used for 7 months (Before i stored them i fully charged them) and when i got them back i put them straight to a standard charge on my EZ Peak Plus 6 amp. When i went out to test them they ran fine for 1 minute and then they just lost all power, so I put them on a CHARGE/DISCHARGE cycle that CHR/DIS them 2 times. So when i took off the battery from the charger it work perfectly, But this confuses me because it works fine but the last thing i did to it was discharge it! Any explanation would be great, because i don't know what to do for next time i want to use it, should i discharge it or charge it?

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    Cycling a NiMH after long term storage is completely normal... it "wakes up" the chemical process within.

    I always store my NiMH fully charged.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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