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    Just picked one up for a killer deal!

    Picked up a KB for dirt cheap at a garage sale haha. $25 radio charger battery. Doesnt even look very used. Charger might be not working correctly. Charges the battery though, seems really quick but then the battery seems to get quite warm so i pull it off the charger right away when it starts blinking green. Car runs great, fast too. Havent had any RC's for awhile so i thought i'd grab this to play around with for awhile. Probably upgrade to some offroad tires, has the usual suspension slop ive read about. But for $25.....its a killer deal haha.

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    Wow, that is an excellent deal! Enjoy the new car!
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    Want to make a quick ten bucks? Ill give you $35 and pay shipping lol

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    I'll deff give more than 35 if you do wanna sell it

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