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    What to do with a brushed e revo?

    Any thoughts of first upgrades, tires/wheels, motor and esc, batteries? Anything that you guys think is necessary let me know

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    What to do with a brushed e revo?
    I payed close to 800(lhs + tax) for my erbe that had 3 times the neck snapping torque of the 3.25 bills I have into an ebay brushed. The stock brushless truck broke every time out. Then put 150 into the mip driveline, and new bearings to handle much bigger tires, broke bulkheads, bought the heaviest diff oils(expensive 10 bucks a small bottle), upgraded the slipper... All to handle the power of the erbe motor on 4s(tires exploded from diff unloading under full power).

    My well used totally stock brushed old am radio truck has had a broken bulk and the diffs rebuilt in its entire years old life.

    Just drive it a bit.

    Here is my used truck I bought 2 weeks ago:

    Here was my erbe. I had 10 bills into this to have the confidence not to easily break it and have just a little more fun than the brushed truck.

    DRIVE IT!!!
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    I would switch to dual 2s lipos for more punch and runtime. After that, just have fun with it as is. If you feel like you need more power, upgrade to brushless.

    I have had multiple of both, and they are both fun in their own ways. The brushed one is slower paced, but more relaxing, the brushless one can get more air, and is more impressive, but is a little more hectic and must be controlled more carefully.

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