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    Rock Crawling In Victoria

    Took some time Yesterday and went "Rock Crawling"...and it was Fantastic! The Summit has more than impressed me with its ability to Crawl and over come Obstacles. This is truly an "All Terrain Truck". Made a video of the run, just to give you an idea of where I was crawling.

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    Nice video man keep up the good work!

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    Nice! I'm Kind of envious of you guys that live on the rock. You have endless amounts of challenging terrain to Summit upon.
    On the praries we have a gravel pile. A dirt pile. A clay pile. Even a rock pile in the middle of a farmers filed.
    Actually, we have some very challenging terrain. I just can't justify driving three hours to get to it.
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    And that is why I'm selling my Summit, I live in Saskatoon. And I miss living on the island...
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    My ex GF lived in Victoria, used to be there every second weekend and the terrain there is prime for a Summit!!!! I lived in Kamloops and again was wicked for Summit's. Unfortuantly I live in Hinton, AB now... been looking for terrain but is more trail runs than rocks. Nice video man Good work and look forward to seeing more if you do.

    Now I just have to figure out how to post vids... can't be that hard can it??

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