Last week my 4ch transmitter died after just three days. Bought a new 2ch off e-bay hoping for better luck. Ran one tank of fuel (T-Maxx) turned off the truck rx, radio then un-docked my old iPhone 4. After re-fueling I was scrolling through the app just double checking all my settings and clicked "transmitter memory" got the pop up "transmitter must be on and connected to device" I turned on the radio and slid the iPhone onto the connector.


I knew right off I just lost the brand new radio

The Traxxas Link settings to update firmware were turned off as well as wifi and all updates for the iPhone that is no longer in service as a working phone (I now have a Android with a different service provider).

IMO the TQi transmitter is a good radio but when connected to an i device... it's a VERY expensive roll of the dice gamble. I loved the telemetry (when it worked) but Traxxas has dropped the ball with this technology IMO. Needless to say I will NOT try the TQi again... UNTIL Traxxas steps up to the plate and fixes this ongoing problem, I think they should at least tell us what the problem(s) are so we can figure the solutions out ourselves. They say software/firmware problems with the flash updates. With the way my second tx died, I think it's in the circuitry myself.

Is there another tx that I can use that has telemetry that won't brake the bank, until Traxxas finally fixes these issue? Or are we all just doomed with this hit or miss technology?