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    Velineon in E Revo?

    can you put a single Velineon system in an e revo and have it better than stock? And with out any motor heat issues?

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    Not a chance. There is a reason Traxxas did not put a motor they already have in this RC rather than go to Castle for the power system.

    You can put one in, but you would have to gear it super slow to avoid heat issues and it would be running on less voltage.
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    There are those who claim that running one Velineon system works well in an ERBE or EMBE.
    Funny thing is that after such a claim is made, invariably said claimants quickly disappear from the hobby.
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    The only way it works is if you use a twin system but other than the novelty your money is better spent with a system that was engineered for use in a heavy truck.

    Best analogy I have is a 4cyl pinto motor in big foot...yeah it will move under its own power but don't expect to be crushing cars.
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    I have run a single velineon in my emaxx for a short period of time to prove that it can work. It was about as fast as a brushed model, but only used 1 battery (single 2s). Everything was within acceptable temps.

    I did it to prove it can be done, but after that, I bought proper 1/8th scale electronics. 1/8th scale electronics are much more well suited to the bigger traxxas vehicles, and are more reliable and efficient.

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    I would buy two new titans or a cordless drill from one of those discount hardware stores and try that before using the Velineon system....I had a Stampede that got hit by a car, yes, a full size, scale car, demolished it except for the esc and motor....When I first got my EREVO brushed, before I purchased my 1515 1Y and MMM, I tried the Velineon...It was a complete fail in my opinion....I quickly put the Titans back on while I waited on my new motor and MMM to be delivered.
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