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    Revo 3.3 Street Speed

    Hey Guys,

    I've got a Revo 3.3 for a pure bashing truck with Proline Trencher 40 series 14/40 gearing. Its amazing on the dirt for crawling and jumps, but with those tires I lose a lot of speed (which is fine, it has crazy torque). Plus, sometimes its down for a few days waiting for broken parts, so I want a second car. I really like the Jato but knowing me I'll get bored doing street only eventually. For $450 with tax, thats a pretty penny. I'm considering picking up a used revo for around $200 and taking that money and investing into a street setup. how fast do you think I could get it leaving a stock traxxas motor but upgrading the gearing? Would I be better off just going with the Jato? I know I can't get 75mph out of a Revo but what are we talking?

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    45 on a good day with great tune. You want to go fast, put a bigger engine in there.
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    a cheap improvement in speed is the losi 3.4 carb. But that will only help if you have a good fresh engine. If you have the time then take your 3.3 and put better bearings in it. I have the losi carb on my 3.3 and it runs faster than i remember so it helped.
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