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Thread: Spring rates

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    Spring rates

    I have search but have not found out what the rate is on these shocks. I am using them with a different truck, but I need a lot lighter spring rate. These make it go around the track like a scared cat. It sort of just bounces.

    Are these spring a lower rate?


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    The GTR springs won't work on your Maxx shocks.

    The stock red springs are like 2.5lb rate springs & they are stupid soft, the stock red springs barely hold the truck up so you are are most likely bouncing the truck off the skids.

    You can try the traxxas white progressives, AE MGT springs, RC Raven springs are all a good place to start.
    Do not use a a ton of the ride height spacers trying to gain more spring rate, it don't work.
    Soft 4.4 rate
    Med 5.10 rate
    Firm 5.90 rate
    Extra Firm 6.90 rate

    3ppi~7ppi RcRaven springs
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    Well the truck I am using them on is a DHK RazR. It is a lot lighter then the the TMaxx. So I need springs about 1/2 to 1/4 as stiff.

    If the stock rates are 2.5, if I had some in the 1.0 I should be close. When the truck sit there, there is no sag. Shock are at full extension. It bounces down the straight like a pogo stick. The springs are just to stiff.

    I was told the stock springs have a rate of 3.0 to 4.0, no one really knows. These do feel a little softer, but I sure could use a spring with a lower rate.



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