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    my new tmaxx 3.3

    this is my tmaxx 3.3 new extended chassis version with no reverse tranny. we i am going to be putting a big nlock at some point. and i have been hearing bad things when i go to put new mods onto it. so can ypu giys please help me with any knowledge and experiences you have had. give me a heads up please any tips at all.

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    If u get a bigger powerful engine in it, you will need spare stock center drive shafts or spare axles from diff to wheels or better aftermarket ones. The 3.3 is no gutless engine when tuned right and it will eventually snap the rear center shaft. At least get stock spares. And I also feel slipper was set right in my maxx, holds a firm grip, but will slip if I hold slipper with a wrench and I try to rotate spur by hand.

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    If you go BB you will need either a BB chassis or an extension on the back of your stock chassis, center dog bones, CVDs for the wheels, a BB pipe & header.

    The easiest way to go BB is to buy a BB chassis and all the needed parts to make it work, either way your going to put some serious coin into it.
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