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    E revo 1/16 To a Summit 1/16

    I got The e revo becuase i thought that the original 1/16 summit would be slow so i have been trying to turn an e revo 1/16 into a Summit 1/16 its not as hard as i first thought i bought summit drives shafts front and rear and the summit rockers i have not installed them yet but i am worried that the summit has different a arms or pushrods if they do please tell me what i need.

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    The are both about the same speed... really, that are about the same RC.

    The only differences are:
    Gearing to compensate for the larger tires
    Body posts

    That is all that needs to be changed for a Revo to become a Summit.

    The Summit also has:
    LT rockers; but they put extra stress on the drive shafts.
    Swept back rear arms; they also put extra stress on the drive shafts.
    Different drive shafts; but Revo shafts have proven to be stronger.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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