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    New to RC

    My Slash arrives tomorrow and it's my first RC car. Anything special i need to know about the battery? Should I upgrade to a better charger right away (I plan on buying a 2nd battery.)?
    Does the battery need to be 'broken in'?
    Sorry for all the questions, I just want to be sure I do it right from the beginning.

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    NiMH, from my experience, perform better after a few cycles. What this means is to charge as directed and then use it up until the RC slows and then recharge... or use the cycle feature on your charger if you get a better one.

    The included "wall wart" charger isn't the greatest... not in performance or how they treat the packs. I would suggest something like a Traxxas EZPeak+ or possibly a Hyperion 0730i. Both of these chargers do NiMH and LiPo so you won't have to purchase a charger again when you decide to take the jump into LiPo power.

    If a LiPo capable charger is what you decide on, I strongly suggest making your second pack a LiPo pack... so many fellow RC'rs have stated they regret spending money on NiMH packs once they start using LiPo's.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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    I just got a Slash 4x4. The guys at Hobbytown were kind enough to charge the stock battery on their nice store charger. The truck flew with the stock battery on that first charge!!! I thought you needed a Lipo for this thing to haul, not true. I could spin out all 4 tires on that charge. Using the stock wall charger it did well, but didn't have the punch that the first charge had. Yesterday I bought the Radiant Ascend NiMh/Lipo charger and charged the stock pack. Wow! What a difference using a better charger makes. The truck came to life just like that first charge! The charger was about $65 and the Tamiya/Traxxas adapter was $5. Well worth it to get a better charger, plus you cut the charge time from 8 hours down to 1! It also can use a 12v power supply like a car battery if you're spending the day out bashing. I know that there are better (and more expensive) chargers out there, but this one seems to be perfect for my use.
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    I am wondering why my truck will not pop a wheelie? I have a 5000mah 7 cell venom battery also a brand new 12t titan motor.

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