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    New to the hobby looking for places to drive in LA

    I am new to the hobby and looking for places to drive my RC in and around LA. I dont think I am ready to hit a dedicated track yet as I am sure everyone would get frustrated with my lack of skill so I am just looking for some cool locations to head out and bash around with my truck.

    So Far I have hit these places:

    Bronson Caves - (fun fact this is the bat cave from the original series)
    Fryman Canyon - mostly hiking trails lots of fun with some challenging areas to climb / crawl

    I have hit a few parks but tend to get bored fairly quickly as there is not really anything challenging about them.

    So here is my question where do you guys typically run? it would be nice to bump into a fellow RCer

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    I live in Burbank and have found a few decent spots up here. One is Stough Canyon park. There are a few off road areas there that are pretty fun. I have spotted a few other places on Google Maps, but haven't made it there yet. Also, I hear Hansen Dam has some great places to bash. What kind of car/truck are you using?

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