I recently bought a Summit, very nice for the 4 runs I took it out on so far. However, I have a 1/16 slash that I am repairing and I wanted to bind the Slash to the TX. That part worked out fine.

However, I took the Summit out afterwards I got no response from the radio. I played with it a bit and I can get all of the servos to work, but no throttle. The TQI is blinking green slowly and the esc is blinking green quickly. I had time to look up the evx-2 manual online and it said the problem was a bad throttle trim.

(so Technically its bound, I just need to set it up again for some reason.)

I have work 10 days in a row and wedding on the 11th day. I cant even touch it again until Easter, but I was hoping somebody could post the link to the PDF for the TX, or tell me what page the info is on, or just tell me how to reset the Summit to factory. I was planning on just calling tech support, but they won't be open on Easter and I might have to work Monday. Really hoping its not a problem with the EVX.
Thanks in advance.